Siempre Tarde//Always Late

Remember that time I was going to move to Spain and start a fantastic blog that would regularly update an enormous following on my pinterest-level life in Spain?

L O L, me too.

Do you also remember that time that I arrived at least 30 minutes late to coffee/class/dinner/movie/party?

Yeah, me too.

So here I am-in classic form-writing after having now been in Spain 4 months.  Apparently I’m one of those God-forsaken folks who can’t do a thing till I’m sure it can be perfect, but seeing as one of my New Years Resolutions is not to be a God-forsaken folk, I figured I’d do my best to change things up.  So here’s a non-perfect, not-thoroughly informative or inspiring post from yours truly.

Here’s a little bullet point list to get you up to date on my life in Spain so far:

  • I was an au pair for 3 months, realized I’m apparently not cut out for the family life and am now looking for a new job. *Holla at me if you happen to live in Barcelona and know of one.*
  • Mi castellano ha mejorado mucho-puedo comunicar mas o menos sin dificultad, pero seguro que no es casi a perfecto.
  • I have discovered the Holy Vatican of cheap bars in Barcelona.  It’s the only address I have memorized other than my own.  El Gato Negro, Carrer de Sant Luis 47.  If you’re anywhere in this hemisphere you should go tonight.
  • I’ve got friends!  Plenty of ‘em!  Where but Barcelona would I make fast friends from Hungary, Austria, USA, Germany, Spain, France, Brazil, and the list could go on…
  • I had 3 Thanksgivings-perks of every American in Barcelona wanting to celebrate this very American Holiday.
  • I spent Christmas/New Years in Heaven.  Kidding-just Switzerland, Austria, and baby bits of Germany and France…so we can just go ahead and agree that those are pretty heavenly. Future post(s) alert!
  • I moved into a new apartment the day I landed back in Barcelona from Munich.  It was the last place I saw before Christmas and with the help of a bottle of wine and a couple of friends I made the snap decision to take it.  Based on how the last 2 days here have been, this may be one of my best snap decisions to date.  Future post alert #2.
  • I’m working on New Years’ Resolutions.  Future post alert #3.  One of them is to keep this thing going.
  • I have found a wonderful church family here and I cannot begin to say how much the Lord has used this place and the people there to help me fall more in love with Europe and what the gospel can bring to my city.  http://icbspain.com/
  • I’m teaching private English classes now and guess what-passive voice is now understood by some of my students!  (You get that if you’re a Grammar nerd).
  • This list could be a lot longer…like a LOT LONGER.  However, I am going to accept that nothing in this life will ever be full and complete (EVEN my prolific bullet point lists), and so my not-so-thorough, not-so-inspiring first post must do.
  • I’ve got 50€!  Yep.  That’s right.  50€ in total. Let’s do this!

*In keeping with the title-this post was written more than 2 weeks ago and is just now being posted-in all it’s unfinished glory.  Here’s to doing things that aren’t perfect this year!*